„A great honour“

The Czech referees Cerny / Janousek lead the final game between Finland and Sweden. For the 36-year-old referee it was a special moments, as he explains in the interview with the WFC-reporter before the game.

Petr Cerny during the final game

Petr Cerny during the final game

© Jérémie Dubois

Petr Cerny, what went through your head when you found out that you were going to lead the finals together with your referee-partner Jiri Janousek?

I was really surprised at first. We did not expect a nomination. It is a great honour for us to be refereeing a WFC final between Sweden and Finland after so many years as referees.

How do you feel before such an important game?

We are nervous, in a positive way. It’s a very special feeling, I can’t really describe it.

The WFC ends with the final. What experiences do you take home with you?

I had a wonderful time. The atmosphere and the people were amazing. I will never forget the power outage in Bern. It was a very special moment when everything went dark all of a sudden in the middle of the game.

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About the referees

The Czech referees Petr Cerny (37) and Jiri Janousek (43) have been referees on international level for over 10 years.

The 2012 WFC final was so far the highlight of their career.