Side Story

A cow, two bears and a unihockey-ball go to the Hallenstadion together

They belong to sporting events, just like the line in front of the food stands: The mascots. Because this years WFC has three of them, we try to bring some order into the mascot-chaos.

Mascot Florby

Mascot Florby

© Gregor Meier

Who is the cow in the red shorts?

The “quirlige Kuhboy” (lively Cow-boy) as he is called by Rivella, listens to the name “Rivellino”. He has his own facebook-profile and will tour different ski-destinations during the beginning of 2013.

Lutz and Mutz – are they bears?

Yes, they are. They were sent into the Mascot-race by Mobiliar. For them, the WFC 2012 is their warm-up for the “Eidgenössisches Schwing- und Älplerfest 2013”. They were baptised by current “Schwingerkönig” Kilian Wenger.

Floory? Florby? Or what’s that ball called again?

Florby, naturally! The ball is sponsored by the International Floorball Federation (IFF). To find the perfect name, a contest was launched, in which “Florby” won by 55 votes against “Floory”.

The four had a contest during the first break of the final game of this year’s WFC. Each of them went into the contest with a spectator. The winner of the contest got an official Team Switzerland jersey. The task was easy: Get the crowd on their feet in 30 seconds. Whoever got the biggest applause, won the contest and the shirt. Cloé won the shirt with a decisive victory, having gained the biggest applause with her enthusiasm.

© 2012 wfc2012