Match report, Game for 3rd place Switzerland - Germany

Switzerland secures bronze medal

The Swiss national team ends its WFC at home with a win and secures the bronze medal. The game against Germany for third place was won with a score of 8:0.

Switzerland had a great start into the game, which took place in front of a sold out stadium with 10’158 spectators. During the second minute, Bill and Bichsel each scored a goal, which lead to an early 2:0 lead for Switzerland. Youngster Engel scored the 3:0 in the 17th minute. In the 30th minute, Matthias Hofbauer wrote history. His goal for a 4:0 lead was his 79th scorer point in his seventh appearance at a WFC. He is now the number one scorer at WFCs, taking the first spot away from the Norwegian Willy Fauskanger. Thanks to another goal scored by Hofbauer in the 47th minute, the record now rests at 80 points scored. The last goal was scored in the 51st minute during a powerplay by Simon Stucki, for a final result of 8:0.

Germany finishes in fourth spot. It was the first time in the history of unihockey that Germany managed to get into quarterfinals.

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SUI Switzerland - Germany  GER 8:0 ((3:0 / 3:0 / 2:0))

Hallenstadion, Zürich. Referees: Henriksen/Ingebrigtsli
Goals: 2. Bill (Schmocker) 1:0. 2. Bichsel (Fankhauser) 2:0. 17. Engel 3:0. 30. M. Hofbauer (Ch. Hofbauer) 4:0. 36. Engel (Schmocker) 5:0. 39. Engel 6:0. 47. M. Hofbauer (Stucki) 7:0. 51. Stucki (Antener) 8:0.
Penalties: Switzerland 1x2'; Germany 1x2'

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